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Alte Münze

Alte Münze

The Alte Münze (Old Mint Yard) in the Museum District in Klenzing fronts the Marstall. It was built by Fritoeser in 2014. The classical façade is made of sandstone, whereas the mint yard (Münzhof) is made of marble. The building houses a bank and a coin museum.

Source of inspiration

The mint yard

The façade and the courtyard were inspired by the Alte Münze in Munich, hence the name. It was built in the 16th century as a building for art collections and ducal stables. The cabinet of curiosities numbered more than 6000 exhibits. The building got its early classical façade by Johann Andreas Gärtner in 1809 when it was converted into the Royal Mint. Nowadays, the Alte Münze houses the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection. In July and August, the mint yard is used by the Bavarian Theater Academy for open-air performances.