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Placo de du domegoj

Placo de du domegoj

The Placo de du domegoj is a square in Cordonshofen. It was built by Fritoeser in August 2012 and revamped by MagEagle in February 2014. In its center there's a fountain with an obelisk. To the west and east, there are the church St. Siegfried and the tocce Voĉo de Ventro. The square is the southern end of the long, straight road from Aliabordo. The name "Placo de du domegoj" is Esperanto and translates to "square of the two big houses" referring to the two aforementioned buildings.

Voĉo de Ventro

The tocce Voĉo de Ventro was built by Fritoeser in January and February 2012 on the fourth map of Germiney as the second temple of Thon ever. After the founding of Cordonshofen, the building was transferred to Minevaria and a graveyard was added to the west side.

St. Siegfried

The church of Saint Siegfried was built in 2012 after the construction of the square as a complement to the tocce.

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