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Cathedral of Our Dear Lady

Interior since 2015
Interior 2012-2015

The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady or simply Frauenkirche is located south-east of Minechen Castle. The first version was built by Palando in December 2011. After the height limit was raised, he enlarged the church in April 2012. It was modernized a second time in January 2015 as part of the Minechen Perestroika. The most used materials are bricks, red wool, sandstone and clay. The building is a landmark of Minechen and its architectural style is brick Gothic.

Source of inspiration

The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady is not only a landmark of Minevaria but also one of the most famous sights of the Bavarian capital Munich. The original cathedral was finished 1488 – only twenty years after the start of construction in February 1468. The Welsh domes of the towers, however, were added as late as 1525 due to a lack of funds.

Unlike most Gothic cathedrals, the Frauenkirche lacks rich decoration but this leads to a more impressive and enormous build. Throughout history, the interior changed quite often: gothic, baroque, neo-Gothic (which was too Gothic to still be Gothic), and finally Gothic again. It was also planned to replace the Welsh domes with Gothic spires. Luckily, those plans were never put into practice – imagine a Munich without the distinctive Welsh domes! After its partial destruction in World War II, the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady was restored in its original form.

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