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  1. A friendly behavior towards other citizens of Minevaria and guests is taken for granted. Spamming is also undesired.
    Those who repeatedly attract negative attention might be excluded from the community.
  2. Architects have the right to build.
    Abuse like griefing or building illegal* symbols (like the swastika) leads to exclusion.
    Modifying buildings of others is only allowed after asking them for their consent.
  3. You can build in the already existing villages, towns and cities in their respective styles.
    New areas can be built after talking to the administration.
  4. Borders of plots are only guide values, and can be combined with other surrounding ones if necessary.
  5. You can reserve plots with a sign containing who wants to build what.
    After some time without any action the reservation might be undone by the administration.
  6. The word of the administrators called "König" ("King") is deemed as law. Any instructions issued by moderators and admins have to be obeyed.
  7. The flag of Minevaria is white and blue. Both variants are permitted, the lozenge as well as the stripe flag.
Supreme Court

(* The server is located in the Federal Republic of Germany. Thus, German law applies to Minevaria.)

If you have read and understood these rules, you may apply.